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Myth saraquel

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:24 pm

I will be describing the key to Saraqael/Dragon myth here:
Most important thing is doing most damage in minimum number of rounds. We get total 22 rounds in battle but 21st is last round we can attack the boss.
I will be describing the rounds now

1st round: saraqael appears with rhinos..rhinos stun your hero and sara gives magical dot damage meanwhile increasing her attack. U need dispeller for her and also kill the rhinos.

2nd round: bow hero summoned( dont know her skill) but u need to kill em too their attack may kill ur weak heroes.

3rd round: mini tome hero is summoned who silences heroes in a row.. U need to kill em and use remiel skill at this point to dispel silence.

4th round: another hero which increases fury of enemies is summoned by sara though through remiel skill it wont affect u.

5th round: sara turns into dragon and stuns the melee users. If u want to remove stun it can be done by using guinevere. You can either summon her a round before and use her skill by placing all melee users at front so that later when dragon appears they cannot be stunned and later u can buff them too.Also dragon summons rhino guy who stuns and kills in a cross. High def heroes may survive my i would suggest u to stay from from summoned heroes.

6th round: Dragon attacks the highest aggression hero and kills it if its ur best hero try save them by using shield.

7th round: dragon summons bow user hero who also attacks in cross, keep ur distance and keep attacking dragon.

8th round: summoned heroes stay for 2 rounds so remember when they appear and move your heroes accordingly. Bow user girl disappears in this round.

9th round: dragon summons mini tome user girl that silences heroes in 3x3 stay away they can crush your physical def as they do magic damage.

10th round: keep attacking dragon while Keeping ur distance from summoned hero.

11th round: dragon summons staff using hero( looks like devil lol) he doubles fury for heroes in 3x3 stay away.

12th round: shield your highest aggro hero as dragon attacks them in this round so either shield using taihu myth skill or ella's shield or sword main's shield.

13th round: a hero like dark sarah appears in this who does no damage to our heroes but does same damage to dragon as Dark adriel or christine. U can place your heroes close to her.

14th round: same deal as 13th but shield your high aggro hero as in next round dragon kills him/her.

15th round: dragon kills the hero with highest aggresion. He also summons two heroes at a time from now. This round rhino and bow user heroes appear stay away from both.

16th round: keep attacking dragon while keeping ur distance from summoned heroes

17th round: keep attacking dragon

18th round: dragon summons staff and mino tome hero that increase fury and silence heroes 3x3 respectively. Stay away.

19th round: keep attacking dragon to ur best and maintan distance from minions.

20th round: dragon summons all heroes at once. This is second last round to survive and attack. Keep ur best attacking heroes away from summoned heroes.

21st round: this last round to give damage to boss so give your best shot.

22nd round: Every Hero Dies. End Of Myth Raid.

If u do two way myth raid take raguel atk up and remiel heal and cleanse skill. Have a main sword hero to shield and gain aggro so best damage dealers survive.

If you do it 3 way use taihu,raguel and remiel skill. Use taihu skill in 5th,14th round to make ur heroes survive.

Maintain 4x3 formation until u can and use attack buff as much as possible. For good damage use heroes that do extra damage on bosses as added myth skill for eg. Prame,lacita,kai(buyable through shop),belore, nef etc.

I apologize if i missed some things. U can add in comments and thanks in personal for my effort.

All Hail WhoCares!!!


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Re: Myth saraquel

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:25 pm

This are the guys that will be spawn during the raid and how the are gonna hit.
Remember that this guy once the are spawn the will hit just once. But they stay o field for 2 turn.
So once they are spawn and they are next to ur hero move ur hero away from them and end your turn. This bad guys will atk and than ur new turn will start so bring back ur hero in the original position to avoid that the next bad guy will spawn right in the middle of ur formation.


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