Hero change (skill change)

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Hero change (skill change)

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:49 pm

I noticed a number of heros had their specials changed.

From what i can translate/tell

Tipreth(3x3 heal instead of cross),

Guinivere fury cost reduced to 200 (immune buff changed to 1round. Guin no longer removes/blocks beneficial buffs),

fersona now charms an entire column and not a single target.

Treant now column stun chance for 200 fury(like shyre)

Dinari now attacks enemy tow and gives crit up to his row. Before just buffed rows himself

Mordred now 200 fury, lowers att in column and not single target

Sargentas now does a 3x3 attack for 300 instead of 100 fury single target

Magical Ione now is 3x3 for 300 fury.

All those are s1 chars prob not worth using. The skill changes effect arena strategy tho.

Two myth heroes were changed
Saraquel now is 3x3 for 300 fury.
Uriel has added a self boss dmg boost

There have been changes to the myth skills that boosted dmg for just the first three rounds of fight.

Old vers myth level 1 5% bonus for first three rounds upgraded to 20% bonus

Now rank 1 is 15% for three rounds
Rank 2 is 20% for five rounds
Rank 3 is 25% for seven rounds
Rank 4 is 30% for ten rounds

This effects all heros with the myth skil
Sword/spear/axe, tome/staff, bow/gun/cannon


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